“Nina Camp removes the ornate gold frame from the wall and pets the bunny head, feels the burgundy velvet behind it, and allows me to run my fingers over the soft, black fur to see what she means. It’s more delicate than I imagined. She taxidermied it herself in a class that Hail hosted, and she’s clearly proud of her lifelike creation.

JD Tucker shows me his most prized possession—a two-headed chick that was actually born that way, one of the very few items that is not for sale at Hail. Their black goat is also not for sale because they claim it’s their “unicorn.”

They both admit to being a bit hung over this afternoon, but Nina looks dreamy with her long, light red hair and leggings that are covered with the phases of the moon. When standing beside JD—who also has red hair, though not quite as long as Nina’s, and arms that are covered with polychromatic tattoos—the two of them become the king and queen of their domain. They absorb into their environment until you believe they are just as full of stories from other decades, from other centuries, as the different items they pick up and explain with delight. The store transcends time, and you want to believe that they do too…” Click here to continue reading…